New Jersey Bills Will Preserve The Rights Of Animal Owners To Choose!

Assembly Bill #1934

Assemblyman Larry Chatzidakis, sponsor of the Bill

(856)234-8080 and Assemblyman Joseph Roberts,

co-sponsor of the Bill (856)742-7600


Senate Bill #310

Senator Martha Bark, sponsor of the Bill (856) 234-8080


The above representatives for voters in New Jersey have sponsored legislation that is consumer friendly.  This legislation protects the animal owners’ rights and gives them the freedom to choose which individuals can care for and treat their animals.  This bill firmly puts the owner in control of animal health without restrictions. 


The introduction of Assembly Bill 1934, followed by the complementary Senate version #310, became necessary after the current change in the New Jersey State Board of Veterinary Examiners regulations and pending legislation proposed by the New Jersey Veterinary Medical Association, which requires veterinary supervision of animal care.  If the NJVMA legislation passes, this veterinary supervision would require a veterinarian’s evaluation and diagnosis of a need for prophylactic dentistry, chiropractic, massage, or any allied health service.  Clients would not have the choice of practitioner, as the veterinarian would be responsible (liable) for that person’s services.  This examination and diagnosis will increase your costs in caring for your animals.  You will not be able to legally acquire dental, chiropractic, massage, or any (alternative) therapies without a veterinarian’s referral/supervision.


A-3194 and S310 will permit you, the owner, to continue to hire these practitioners as you see appropriate to treat your animal.  Your animals are your personal property.  As their owner you are the one who is responsible for them and you pay for their care.  You should retain the right to make decisions about this care. 


Assembly Bill 1934 and Senate Bill 310 state: “This bill permits an individual to care for or treat an animal owned by that individual and further permits an agent of the owner, acting with the owner’s approval, to care for or treat an animal, if that individual or agent does not represent himself as a veterinarian or use any title or degree appertaining to the practice thereof and does not diagnose, prescribe or perform surgery.” 


Your support of A-1934 and S-310 is needed as these bills could be soon voted upon by the legislature.  We are asking all animal owners to:


1.                  Contact your local Assembly and Senate representatives to encourage their vote for A-1934 and S-310, respectively.  If you need the names/phone numbers for your representatives, call Gail Pratt, (609) 654-7678 and she will provide you with this information.

2.             Call Assemblymen Larry Chatzidakis and Joseph Roberts to thank them for their support of animal owners' rights.

3.               Call Senator Martha Bark to thank her for her   support of animal owners' rights.

  Please contact members of the Senate Commerce
Committee by June 13 and tell them that you are an
animal owner and you are asking them to support S-310
in their committee on June 14.  Try to attend the
committee hearing on June 14, at 1:00 P.M., in
Trenton, at the State Annex Building, Room One.  You
do not need to speak, your presence will be very

Senate Commerce Committee Members:
Senator Baer: 201-343-3333
Senator Gill: 973-509-0388
Senator Lesniak: 908-624-0880
Senator Singer: 732-901-0702
Senator Cardinale: 201-567-2324

To e-mail your assemblypersons and senator do the same as Mr. Chatzidakis', Mr. Roberts', and Mrs. Bark's below. Just replace your representative's last name where the ****'s are in the addresses below.


            Asm****                                             Sen****

Please send copies of your correspondences to these representatives:

Assemblyman Larry Chatzidakis' e-mail address:

Assemblyman Joseph Roberts' e-mail address:

Senator Martha Bark's e-mail address:

Thank you!  The Animal Wellness Alliance


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